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Enter the Potent Manifestation Portal today and

see your dreams and desires manifest over the next three months.

Manifest Your Future Magic
Manifestation Activation

Hi love, did you know that you can be the creator of your most beautiful life and manifest your wildest dreams and visions?


Just picture yourself 3 months from now: January 2022. What do you wish to see in your life?

Allow the magic of your higher vision to upgrade your life over the next three months.

Unlock your full potential, ALLOW yourself to DREAM BIG and be guided into your most


Let yourself be guided with me to your your deepest desires and align to your higher purpose. 


I believe in you and your dreams I truly do and one of my superpowers is to hold a field of abundance and manifestation.

I wish for you to tap into it and become the creator of your own most beautiful life of purpose, peace,

abundance, love and prosperity!

 This is why I created this unique manifestation container harnessing the potent energies of the next

three manifestation portals:




Enter the portal season and book your manifestation activation. The portal is open now.

Book a call with Greta to see if this is the right support for you right now?

Manifest your dreams

3 guided manifestation meditations

  • 3 live manifestations guided and infused with Greta Grace's expansive + activating abundance energy 




  • 3 manifestation journaling exercises

  • 3 manifestation meditations recordings

BENEFITS: In these sessions you will get a clear vision of your future, have higher self downloads on what and how to move forward. After each meditation through the journaling exercises, you will write down the pure intentions and goals that come from a deep connection to your soul and a strong sense of direction & clarity as well as feeling of love for yourself and your dreams.

Aligned Action Plan

  • 2 x high vibrational strategy sessions with Greta Grace to design your Aligned Action Plan for how to co-create your manifestation with your higher self over the course of the next 3 months.

  • private ongoing manifestation support group


BENEFITS: breaking things down, identifying what makes sense and limitless thinking will bring you incredible empowerment, clarity and a step by step action plan for you to activate your own abundance mindset and shift perspective on what is possible for you.


Disclaimer: expect miracles to happen with this frequency upgrade to your Aligned Action Plan.

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What others say about Greta Grace


Lisa J.
Dutch, Anxiety & Alignment Coach

Working with Greta, I experienced big mindset shifts, limiting beliefs were crushed and after every coaching call I felt super empowered to keep on building my dream life. If you are looking for a coach to guide, support and empower you in your journey, I can highly recommend Greta Grace!


Lisa G.
German Journalist, Writer & Founder of Aho

Gretas positive attitude and her coaching knowledge are mind blowing. Working with her showed me that everything is possible! I recommend her to anyone who feels the need for change.

Happy Girl

Nina J.
Mom & Head of Marketing

With her kindness, empathy, and amazing skills, she helped me understand where I was headed and enabled me to get started in realisings a life I would have never dreamed of.

2022 is YOUR year.

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