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Unmasking the Masks: Decoding Male Behavior Around a Powerful Woman

Hey amazing souls,

Building on the theme of reclaiming our power, today we're diving into a topic that can get complex: how men navigate dynamics with powerful women.

Let's face it, outdated patriarchal conditioning can create some unhealthy patterns in male behavior, especially when faced with a woman who confidently owns her strength. Today, we'll unveil two common, but unhealed, approaches men might take and one healed approach we all crave and desire:

  1. The Submissive Follower: This guy shrinks in your presence, offering little to the conversation or decision-making. While seemingly harmless, this lack of self-assuredness creates an unbalanced dynamic. We crave a partner, not a follower in any type of relationship. If you crave a submissive follower you might want to check in with your unconscious oppressive patterns.

  2. The "Divine Masculine King": We all dream of the supportive, secure man who celebrates our rise. He is in his authentic version, rests in his power and isn't intimidated in the presence of a likewise powerful queen. This "king" doesn't overrule but offers and makes suggestions for you in full authority to accept or refuse. This is true empowerment as it involves respecting your agency.

  3. The Patriarchal Suppressor: This is the manipulator we all know too well. He might be initially drawn to your strength, but then try to exploit it. Watch out for subtle tactics that make you feel "less than" – guilt trips, negativity, or downplaying your achievements or ideas.

In the 15 mins video I explain the three types and dynamics and how they feel.

My Story:

These dynamics are real, and I've experienced them firsthand. Sadly, I've had close relationships end because women and men had conscious and unconscious patriarchal programing ingrained in them.

Recently it happened again in a business setting. I am incredibly grateful for my strength to stay true to myself and not be derailed by the manipulative attempt to potentially have been coerced into unhealthy and oppressive situations and unfair agreements.

The Power of Awareness:

The key is awareness. By recognizing these patterns, you can identify them in your own life.

In the process of healing my own inner patriarchal patterns I came to spot and uncover them in others. The key to heal from our subconscious patterns is to be strong enough to be radically true with yourself, decode where you have blind spots and with a lot of compassion forgive yourself for having caused potentially any harmful or misintended consequences.

Here's the good news: There are amazing men out there! Men who embody the true "Divine Masculine" – secure, supportive, and celebrating your power. It is thanks to them (and my inner work of letting go of patriarchal unhealthy relationships) that I came to this realization and liberation today. I can claim with joy they exist and my life is full of conscious, evolved divine masculine beings that makes me feel the most beautiful respectful divine goddess on Earth.

To all of you beautiful souls out there, always check in with yourself and how someone makes you feel (in your body as your body is faster than your mind and will give you body signals when something is off).

Calling it Out:

If you encounter the manipulative "suppressor," don't be afraid to call it out. Healthy communication is key.

Remember, strong women deserve strong partnerships. Let's create space for authentic connections built on mutual respect and empowerment.

I hope my intention to provide awareness and tools to empower yourself has landed. I'd love to hear from you!

Let me know what you think!

With love and strength,

Greta Grace


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