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On the other side of fear of being alone, lies MAGIC

Talking about the longing you might have to being on your own, to break free and the fear holding you back, and what lies on the other side of this fear. I formulated some questions for you to identify if you're a type of person who might NEED to be on her own regularly because of your unique human makeup.

A Guide of how to know when you should go for your desire of wanting to be alone, be by your self.

I’ve since a little girl LOVED to be by myself,

I would retreat into my room and enter my own world

Whether I was daydreaming, or processing emotions

I loved being on my own

I made sense of things this way

I wrote a lot - notes to school desk neighbors #bibiyouknow, to writing and sending (and receiving) letters to Milan to an old lady, like 50 years older than me #gavallinogiallo sai chi sei <3

And I LOVE to be writing in my diary.

I think I intuitively wrote as a teenager because it was soothing, healing and liberating.

It felt like conversing with my soul, with my higher self (before I knew all about spirituality)

I made sense of my experiences this way.

I processed the inputs, experiences and days this way.

And I loved to write about my dreams and desires.

By now I must have about a 100 fully written diaries. I don’t even know. And one of my dreams is to let them all be put together into a book. More so to understand my own thought processes, and brain lol.

My point here is to tell you to not be afraid of being alone, girl.

If you feel it inside, if you somehow feel like breaking out and being on your own -

give yourself permission to do it, gift yourself that full presence with yourself.

I know if you’re not used to it, it might feel scary, or impossible.

You might wonder, life will be double as expensive, what do I do if… all of these hesitations are eligible and are normal.

Its your negative mind or protective mind trying to keep you safe aka keep you where you are.

Because being by yourself, doing everything alone - is challenging at times.

And Im not even talking about the every-days practical things

In the solitude of your own thoughts, feelings and emotions you reach depths and shadows if yourself, you might never have encountered.

It’s where you find your answer buried inside of you

It’s where you can be. Fully, without having to adjust, adapt or put up a mask.

Just be, how ever the fuck you feel like in each moment.

No worrying about everyone else first. No one around to take into consideration.

Just you being you.

You, yourself and you.

You might hit new lows, you might also hit new levels of heights.


My human design is wanting me to be by myself regularly. How you can know if you are this type of person too.

I had this CRAVING, like MY SOUL was BEGGING for it


It was reason for twice breaking up with my EX. A craving to BE BY MYSELF.

Return HOME within me. I had the feeling of having LOST myself.

I didn’t know anymore who I was.

I had a metaphor for it, I felt my ‘signal’ to the divine was disturbed. Like I felt disconnected from myself and my higher self.

My inner connection to soul, god, the universe whatever you belief in, is so important to me, I knew for nothing in the world I wanted to sacrifice that.

I CHOSE MYSELF. At the cost of my relationship.

To connect back to my soul again.

I also understood how my human design is made up and that I am susceptible of ‘loosing myself’

Here are some questions that might help you understand yourself better and to check if you too are susceptible to 'loose yourself' and what you can do.

Do you have your heart center open (in human design)?

Are you a highly-sensitive person?

Do you feel people and energies stronger than others?

Are you a people-pleaser and over-giver?

Chances are high that you have a hard time setting boundaries. Correct?

Chances are high that you are more heavily INFLUENCED by others,

by your surroundings,

by light, colors, vibes and people.

Chances are that you FEEL much MORE than others.

It doesn’t mean you are better or worse than others.

It just means it has certain implications for you.

The GOOD news are: you need alone time regularly.

The ‘BAD’ news: you are much more influenceable from the outside and by others.

The solution is to carve out time for yourself, where you are on your own, just by yourself.

You will BENEFIT from BEING by YOURSELF a lot.

It is actually NECESSARY for you to be alone from time to time, so that you are not influenced by anything, anyone external and can thus find back to yourself.

You will be surprised how much space and novelty enters your life as you open this energetic space, as you create more space for you.

If you feel the call to be by yourself, DO IT.

TAKE THE SPACE just for yourself.

I don’t know why but there is so much concern around Women being Alone in this world

What is this over-concern?

Do we worry so much when a man travels, roams the world freely alone?

Ok, premise given that you know how to navigate the world aka are alert enough to sense dangers and are able to read people and follow your intuition when something is off, premise you are able to take care of yourself.

Premise given, you shouldn’t be worries or hesitant of being alone.

There is so much magic, insights awaiting you on the other side of hesitation and fear.

Trust me babe, I have lived 6 moths in the Costa Ricans deep jungle and in the cartel-pervaded Tulum, Mexico.

I am living out of a suitcase for the past 2 years.

I have changed about 30 apartments in the last 2 years. And man, have I become adaptive.

I know what it means to be by myself and on my own. To be alone. The magic and the challenges this holds.

And you know what?


So much time to EXPERIENCE life fully, uninfluenced

Taking it all in, my way, my rhythm, my pleasing.

Much time to integrate, reflect, journal, write, move around freely as your soul pleases.


Is freedom also one of your biggest values? It is certainly mine.

And then you realize you are NEVER alone.

You cultivate so much from within.

You realized how much you are able to provide for yourself.

How much you can be nurturing to yourself like a mother, and like a father by providing for yourself.

So much to say on this and I am here to support you in this journey of breaking free to be yourself. There's so much magic on this journey.

So much love + power to you,


Xxx Greta

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