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I rise by lifting others and am driven by fearless sovereignty, coaching others to activate their purpose - living a life of freedom, wellbeing + prosperity. It is a collective awakening designed to elevate your life path as a guiding blueprint of self-discovery, deep transformation, and honest self-worth. 

In the past years, I’ve individually coached 200+ glowgetters to optimize their wealth, upgrade their way of working, make space for deep wellness accomplishments, and build international communities both in person and digitally.

My clients are based worldwide. I coach and speak in three languages fluently. My work is high energy and transformational, yet always grounded in powerfully intentional awareness.

I believe the world needs healing and healing starts with the individual. My mission is to be part of this healing by raising awareness of the feminine energy and collective consciousness.


Many people ask - "but, how do you do this?'

I do so by teaching kundalini yoga as a self-empowerment tool, by hosting gatherings for women to be seen and feel empowered in sisterhood and by coaching passion-driven women to live their dreams, breaking free from their limitations and live a life fulfilled by purpose. I do so by speaking to large groups or exclusive corporate executives introducing the possibility of being more aligned with values and purpose. I do so by guiding humans to gain deeper knowledge of themselves and heal on a subconscious level. I do so by building strong connections in community environments to provide a needed support system to thrive long-term. 


2010 SPOiLED Event Management  





2011 Joyelle

2017 Luxurious simplicity

2018 Entrepurpose

2019 The Purpose Space

2019 Greta Grace UG

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I am an explorer of the realms of life having managed and coached high performing teams in multicultural settings since 2012. The thirst for learning and transformation has lead me to discover new places and cultures. I have lived, studied and worked in Italy, The Netherlands, Denmark, Singapore, New York and Germany under the age of 30.


I love to challenge the status quo by critically challenging things as they are. For many years I felt a ‘misfit’ and not ‘fitting in’ and I listened to my inner voice telling me that ‘there is more to it’.  With this, my heightened awareness fueled a constant process of discovery true to myself and  embracing the constant process of change.  

The practice of yoga which I started during university years, in 2010 helped me reconnect with myself and cultivate my intuition. As the years went by I learned to honor my inner voice and following her whispers of what feels right for me. 


This led me to move out of situations, jobs, relationships that did not feel aligned with my values and belief system. After six years of corporate experience in multinationals and startups building and leading multicultural teams, I finally quit my job to launch my company Entrepurpose. For the love of beautiful places I had started Luxurious Simplicity, a rental agency for luxurious properties in Italy and for the love of yoga I had started organizing community retreat experiences in 2012.  


In 2018 I felt a strong desire to start my own company and with the help of a coach, in only three months I put all my soul pieces together to create what became Entrepurpose. Entrepurpose are my two biggest passions, the search for meaning and fulfillment and the desire to create entrepreneurially.   


The path of self-empowerment has begun. Two years into my own company I hosted over 8 retreats in Italy, Portugal, France, Spain welcoming individuals from all over the world including China, Malaysia, USA, Uruguay and of course Europe who want to find their purpose and live a fulfilled and self-determined life. Since then, I have coached over 200 individuals to live an empowered life. 


Today, under my personal company Greta Grace I run several brands like Entrepuropse and Glowgetter and lead two teams located globally, managing them remotely. 


My self-leadership is grounded in my daily spiritual practices and helps me be the Mindful Leader I am to my two teams. I have two teams of 6 people. 


I am passionate about empowering people to their highest destiny (purpose) and a path of sel-femopwerment. I believe we all have the capacity to heal ourselves. 



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We are awake in unprecedented times of opportunity.

Trusting the unknown allows us to transition into a purpose driven freedom and abundant creation. 

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