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Hello lovely! 

I am Greta & I love to see results in others succeeding.

But not just any results.

The results that activate one's purpose,

connecting to their pure consciousness,

and optimizing their prosperous mindset.


I rise by lifting others and am driven by fearless sovereignty,

coaching others to activate their radiance in order to execute on their superpowers - living a life of freedom, wellbeing + prosperity. Once you allow it, this collective awakening will holistically elevate your life path as a guiding a blueprint of self-discovery deep transformation, and honest self-worth. Alongside this journey, we will use the healing elements of Oils to help guide you into an energetic life of fulfilment, wellbeing and prosperity.


Connection lights the fire in my heart and I am here to share that with you too.


In the past years, I’ve individually coached 300+ go-getters to optimize their wealth, upgrade their way of working, make space for deep wellness accomplishments, and build international communities both in person and digitally.

My clients are based worldwide and I coach and speak in three languages fluently. My work is high energy and transformational, yet always grounded in powerfully intentional awareness.


I am self-worth expert and a catalyzer with contagious energy.


"I am the catalyzer of supporting humans

who want to break free

from'adopted' limitations

and transform their lives

to be fulfilled by purpose"

x gg



Three years ago I developed Entrepurpose simply out of my two passions:

the search for meaning and purpose

infused with a leadership drive to endlessly create + execute.

If you don't know, Entrepurpose is a human design formula for self-empowerment. 

I quit jobs every 6 months to the despair of my family and  always stayed true to the inner voice that told me ‘this is not it, search further, there is more to you’.

As a kid I made t-shirts and lavender sticks, sold them during summer markets, hired my cousins and brother to help me produce and donated parts of the earnings to international non-profit organizations.

I struggled day in & out following someone else's rules, finding myself trying to fit into rigid work environments; often times, disrespecting my natural (female) rhythm and resulting in an overall un-wellbeing.

When I set free from the corporate hamster wheel was when I broke free from familiar and societal expectations - daring to do me.

I have a strong inner knowing and strong intuitions guided towards what is true for me. I see opportunities and possibilities everywhere - embracing a limitless mindset and always achieve what I set my mind to.

I am allergic and non-responsive

to authority and patriarchy.

With empathetic and cultural sensitivities, I have managed and coached teams in start-ups, multi-nationals and their operations across Denmark, Italy, the U.S. and Germany. I speak five languages and have an authentic understanding for differences.

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We all have a story.


By now, you are probably wondering more about HOW I made it here.

Let me tell you -

by radical self-exploration with love and compassion

from deep healing of emotional wounds

to unlayering what needs to be unlearned

to infusing a self-mastery thanks to discipline

and adopting a growth mindset with intent for a higher consciousness.


I knew there was something greater waiting for me.

I felt the trust and began to heighten my intuition. 

This allowed me to develop an inner knowing, unlocking wisdom and being able to sensitize to my own truth and not an outside truth.

I stopped saying no

transitioning into fully nurturing my intuition. 


Rather than being outside-expectation driven, 

I started to sensitizing by listening to my inner knowing. 

Trusting that I know the unknown.

With an abundance mindset,

desire for more,

with a willingness to grow

and evolve still. 

That is the attitude that I live by -

built up from what is unknown.  

When I started to breath with awareness,

embody my purpose and dance with my growth

was when I started to fully feel alive

owning full prosperity and success.

We are now awake in unprecedented times of opportunity.

Trusting the unknown allows us to transition into a purpose driven freedom,

allowing creation. 


Can’t wait to meet you!

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