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: receive the cosmic energies & upgrade :

2 Special Kundalini Classes, Eclipse Energies, Private Group

14 days mini course includes: 

2 special Kundalini yoga classes of 1,5 hrs

14 days access to private telegram group

2 weeks in the field of possibilities

a self-paced journe

in the sacredness of your soul & heart

be guided through this powerful eclipse portal

between the Lunar Eclipse + New Moon in April & the solar Eclipse & Full Moon in May


~ 2 weeks Mini Course ~

start April 22 - end May 5, 2023

join anytime

harness the energies to transform & upgrade your life

meet your next version of you

you can join ANYTIME as classes are recorded and

the private Telegram channel is designed to do in your own pace and liking.

Lunar Eclipse + New Moon Special Class + 1st week

powerful energy to meditate, be and come into alignment.

In the first week we'll surrender to the energy of the new moon, opening up to the solar eclipse energies of beginnings and new opportunities.

Special New Moon Class on April 22 10.00-11.30 am CET*: 

  • kundalini yoga

  • guided meditation 

  • journaling 

Solar Eclipse & Full Moon + 2nd week

a perfect day to align to the Moon energies and harness the power of new beginnings. 

in the second week we harness the firy energy to courageously and powerfully step into the opportunities presented to us, or build up on what we've already initiated.

Special Full Moon Class May 6th 10.00-11.30 am CET:

  • kundalini yoga class

  • guided meditation 

  • intention-setting exercise for the Full Moon

14 Days Portal of Possibilities 

stay in the cosmic energy in between the Eclipses 

throughout 2 weeks in a private Telegram group connect to cosmic energies with weekly journaling prompts, energy updates and transmissions by Greta. 



Choose your journey and transfer €55 Euros via PayPal by clicking the button below.

You will then get an email with the link to access the private Telegram channel

(make sure to download the Telegram app)

In the Telegram channel you find the link to the Kundalini Yoga Class and access to all the

transmissions and exercises to do in your own time. 

The rituals and practices are never out of date, you can always use them to tune deeper into your soul and connect to your highest version.

Addition: 1:1 coaching with Greta is an infusion of power and energy. 

During the period of 2 weeks, choose in accordance with Greta a 60 mins time slot to get individualized guidance on your specific opportunity and/or "letting go-situation".  

Greta's energy is nurturing, sweet and powerfully activating at the same time. With her highly intuitive and sensitive capacity to empathically understand and feel your needs and quest, she is able to guide you no matter what you see in that moment.


1:1 sessions + Portal of Possibilities = €325 Euros.

Choose your journey.

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