The Radiant Woman


3rd - 7th October 

Cisternino, Puglia 

South of Italy

activate your purpose, power and prosperity

The Radian Woman Retreat

connect in sisterhood and recalibrate body, mind and soul 


5 days transformational retreat for those who lead themselves

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Glowgetter Academy by Greta Grace tackles both spiritual and business elements, providing tangible tools to make dreams come to life. The program is a unique combination of approaching business spheres with full consciousness - leading entrepreneurs in to a thriving abundance. 




This 14-week group coaching program will not only set you up for success but it will also prepare you for the retreat so that at the retreat you can show up with clarity of who you are and what you are looking in order to make sustainable and lasting connections and collaborations with other the Glowgetter's you’ll meet.


The Glowgetter Abundance Bundle (coaching + retreat) is the ultimate

journey to your future self.

  • Full clarity on your unique talents and desires for lifestyle & professional fulfillment

  • Dedicated accountability & on-going support

  • Engaged and collaborative connections with highly synergetic women

  • Intensive coaching to unlock your potential - both 1:1 and group settings

  • Defined growth towards your desired life with an activated purpose

  • In-person powerful experiences with other like-minded individuals

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Go deep to break free from any limiting beliefs that are holding you back

Unlock your purpose and activate it's energy to manifest your true desires. 

Map out an inspired action plan that sets you up for success


The Radiant Woman is she who masters her energy, mindset and surrenders in/the art of receivership. She effortlessly manifests and attracts her deepest desires, dreams and aspirations.


. I

Learn Why Living Your Purpose is a Blessing To Our World 

During this module you will fully understand the concept of purpose and the importance it makes in our overall lifestyle. We will trigger clarity on what YOUR unique purpose is and get energies shifting to clearly begin to define it. This is the foundational work to give you direction during the program and in your life, changing the way you do things. No matter what surrounds you, no matter what changes you, your purpose will always be your lighthouse. Purpose is a PROCESS of adventure and the way you show up to SERVE in this world. ​This is where we learn to carve our nature and soul into bodies. 

  • Theory on Purpose 

  • The difference between finding your purpose and living your purpose

  • Ikigai Theory 

Purpose Clarity & Definition

 . II

Transform Your Fears into Catalyzing Power

In this disruptive module you will face and overcome your hidden fears to be able to step fully into your limitless self. You can not create when you are being held back by subconscious limiting beliefs, so our work now is to shed light and release blockages to transform them into powerful affirmations. 

  • Sharing round of purpose mission statements 

  • Tackle your subconscious fears and cleanse what is holding you back from living your best life

  • Transform limiting beliefs and reformulate in positive affirmations 

  • Inner child healing meditation 

  • Realization it is not you and that you can forgive and heal your past wound

Worthiness of Living your Best Life

 . III

Embody Abundance & Master Manifestation

We have defined our purpose and eradicated limiting beliefs. Now we are ready to envision, embody and manifest your dream life. Allowing yourself to dream big will enable you to KNOW, SEE, and EXPERIENCE what you would like to create and attain in the future. Here is where we will explain the concept of abundance and learn how to tap into your inner power of creation.

  • The practice of visualization as a manifestation tool

  • Future You Manifestation 

  • Explain the concept of Abundance  

  • Guide into Blissful Moment: Remembrance to raise your vibration and manifest your dream life

  • AbunDANCE and enJOY

Design Your Dream Life

 . IV

Basic Personal & Business Finances

In this module you will learn how to create financial freedom. We will dive into your goals to build the financial sustainability you desire and maintain the life of your dreams. We will transform limiting and introjected beliefs around money and finances to reach a thriving business and personal life.


  • Basic finances 

  • The system that will once and for all set you free of worrying about money and create your base for financial freedom 

  • Transform your limiting beliefs around money into powerful money affirmations that bring prosperity 

Money Mindset and Transformative Aspirations

 . V

Female Cycle Superpowers

You have worked so hard defining the big picture and how to get there! Congrats, gal! We will now focus back on YOU, remembering the importance of looking after yourself first: the creator of it all. We will learn self-care practices, routines and meditations to build consistent strength to face the challenges that will come when building your extraordinary self-led life. 

  • What is possible to do right now with your current energies? 

  • From Self-leadership to self-mastery a process of deep self-discovery 

    • Discipline + Consistency  

    • Compassion and Self-love 

    • Acceptance and Release

  • Build resilience and emotional intelligence through practice

  • Define a morning routine specifically tailored for you 

  • The use of essential oils as effective self-empowering anchors and healers

  • The magic of tapping into your female cycle superpowers to go deeper

Self-Care and Self-Leadership For A Healthy Body + Mind

 . VI

Map Out Your Next Steps & Plan for Success

After defining, cleansing, visualizing, your future self, we have reached the stage to establish concrete actions for the NOW. We will create the connection between where you are now to where you want to be by means of SMART goals for the next 6 months.

  • Reconnect to your higher self and visualize your purpose fulfillment 

  • Choose one area of your dream life that you want to focus on FIRST 

  • Understand your 6-month vision 

  • Define steps to make it happen

Take Massive Action 

 . VII

Closing Celebration and Preparation For The Retreat 

 You did it glow-getter! Reflect and acknowledge what you have achieved throughout the whole program, consolidate and celebrate your new self! You are now ready to reap the biggest benefits from the retreat experience which will massively accelerate your growth in all spheres of your life. 


  • Acknowledgement of your process and identification of your transformation and breakthroughs

  • Celebrate each other in a sharing round

  • Preparation for the retreat

Integration & Celebration



_DSC0386 copy.jpg
  • 14 weeks ​+ 10.5 hr live coaching with Greta Grace in community including kundalini meditations


  • 7 integration exercises to apply & integrate what you learn 

  • 7 self-reflection journal prompts 

  • Exclusive accountability support group throughout the program ​to connect with other Glowgetters, ask questions and get input and inspiration from Greta Grace and the group

  • In-depth welcome package to help you find your own answers. 

  • 1 one-on-one private coaching session with Greta Grace to assess who you want to become before starting the program. 


  • BONUS #1 : Free Access to online Network The Purpose Space (learn, grow, find clients, make connections)

  • BONUS #2 : A kundalini yoga meditation to sharpen your intelligence and nurture self-sovereignty 


  • BONUS #3 : Feature of you and your business in our Community Newsletter 


  • 5 days high vibe retreat in Puglia, Italy

  • Luxurious location in lush nature and abundance

  • 6 two-hours workshops on purpose activation, business monetization, intuition training & deep connection to yourself, business hacks and productivity, abundance and manifestation, female cycle health, hormone balance, nutrition, plant medicines, movement and embodiment, sisterhood.

  • 4 evening sharing circles on topics such as balancing feminine & masculine energy, self-love & relationships, body shame & sexuality, reclaiming your voice.

  • Daily yoga and meditations 

  • 3 hours daily free time to explore and do whatever you like 

  • All meals + drinks + accommodation included 

  • Professional personal photo shoot 

  • 1 closing cacao ceremony + celebration 

  • Sisterhood, Belonging and Limitless Empowerment 

  • Access to our online community The Purpose Space for life-long connections with Glowgetter's from all over the world


The Glowgetter Program consisting of Coaching + Retreat










See below

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Day | Every Wednesday

Time | 7:00-8:30 PM CET*

*If you can't make it live you'll get the recording

Grand Opening I Feb 22  

THE RETREAT | Book here


May 6th - 10th | 

Sunny Puglia, Italy